Saturday, March 20, 2010


'sup fella.

its been a while since the last time i'd login to my own blog. my whole time was just packed - straight from the first day of winter break till today. the only thing that make me login to this blog is due to high level of sympathetic stimulation, thanks to Kopi Kuat that i drank this morning.

well, i enjoyed my winter break even its just a short period. not much that i did - spending time with family at hotel for almost a week (naik 3 kilo), visiting my grandpa and grandma, hangout with my dudes, and yea, with you too hon.

this new sem, semester 4 which is regards to Neuroanatomy is not as crazy as Semester 2 (upper and lower limb crap), yet still it doesn't mean that i have a chance to not concentrating in my study. and THANKS GOD, I PLACED IN NORMAL PBL GROUP THIS SEM! THANK YOU SO MUCH GOD. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

not to be forgotten, congrats to my beloved siblings - Mohd Rahimi who is best student for PMR that scored 8A's and Salsabila Hani who scored 9A1B for SPM. heck, i don't even know what kind of prayes that umi and ayah read to them, but really, both you are simply a superb parents. lap lap you soo much umi and ayah ♥

thanks for reading.


p/s : gonna rearrange my blog later. stay tuned, well if you want to.