Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bodoh Sombong.

please click to see the details of discussion.

For person who been discussed (Mr. Genius-Like-Ass) above, please do some research and at least use you goddamn mind before sayin' something 'brilliant' like that.
your bold and clearly fucked up statement really annoyed me.

and quoted from someone that i respect ;
"hurm.tau xpe.geram.
tp bile kite seorang mase tu,xde kudrat nak berpetah hujah kt dorg yg mentality cmni.
takpe moga Allah bukakan pintu hati mereka amin......"

and like usual, you always the best Loki[D.d.G]. Thanks :)

p/s : yes, it's you.
and comment is disable for this post. sorry.